Dr. Joaquim Suñol - Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


Any kind of intervention previous aestethtic surgery, in which the results were not as expected (in patients with realistic expectations), it may be susceptible to improvement with another Secondary Aesthetic Surgery.

It is totally normal that, several years after having made Facelift surgeries such as face lift or rhytidectomy or neck lift whith satisfactory results, it reappear progresivelly the normal signs of over the years. In these surgeries the results are not permanent because the body and face continue to age. Patients can request a new Secondary Rejuvenation Surgery after 5, 10 or 15 years after the first operation, to maintain the youthful appearance of your face and neck for a few years.

In other Aestehetic Surgery procedures, as breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction or breast lift or large weight changes can modify the results that were obtained in the previous intervention and may be advisable, once the weight has been stabilized, re-operate using a secondary Aesthetic Surgery, for a more aesthetically proportionate breasts again.

Secondary cosmetic surgery may also include:
  • repair of sequelae caused by the appearance of surgical complications (hematoma, infection, skin necrosis, etc.) that occurred in previous interventions.
  • improving the results obtained in a previous operation.
  • the repair of surface irregularities or skin depressions after a previous liposuction.
  • repairing defects or stigmas caused by a previous operation or an accident.
  • The replacement of a breast implant with capsular type III or IV Baker by new contracture.
  • the permanent withdrawal of some breast implants after several years of being operated, and subsequent breast remodeling if it were necessary.

At your consultation, Dr. Joaquim Suñol - specialist in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Secondary - can advise on your particular case and explain all the pros and cons, the risks and complications that can occur to you, sio you can have all available information about the solution to your problem and you can decide freely to be re-operated or not, without any kind of commitment.